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Being in a situation of over-indebtedness is unfortunately no longer a rare situation these days. Indeed in France, more and more households find themselves over-indebted following a job loss, or a death, or a divorce, …

However, there are solutions to overcome the over-indebtedness, the recourse to the Commission of over-indebtedness being considered as a last resort.

Click here to find more about credit card debt settlement

Credit card debt settlement via Push button for credit card help is the simplest solution to an over-indebtedness situation. On the condition that you are not yet in a serious situation, this option is ideal to lighten your ends of the month. Indeed, all your debts will be grouped into one, and you will only have to assume a single monthly payment. 
Although your new credit will cost you more time, you will be able to manage your budget more calmly. The trick to benefit from an advantageous credit buy-back operation will be to make competition between “redeeming” credit institutions.

The option of the repurchase sale

Although still little used by the over-indebted households, the repurchase sale is a good option not to neglect. However, it may only be possible for private owners of one or more immovable property whose total debts do not exceed 60% of the total value of the immovable property that may be offered for sale. 
The interest in this system will be that you can both pay your debts, but you will also have the opportunity to recover your property within a maximum of 5 years. Indeed, once all your debts settled, you will be able to contract a mortgage to buy back your property.

Recourse to a CCAS

To get out of over-indebtedness, you can also ask assistance to help associations set up for this purpose. The Municipal Center for Social Action (CCAS) present in each city will set up a strategy to try to get you out of this painful situation. Social assistance will find the best solution to rebalance your budget, but also to establish an amicable agreement with your creditors to reschedule your debts.

The Debt Commission

To file a file with the Commission of over-indebtedness will be done only if all the other solutions do not prove effective in a durable way, but also without waiting for the financial situation to get worse. The website explains how to prepare your debt overhang.

So when your file is accepted by the Commission, it will decide on an amicable plan of recovery or failing that, a solution that it will impose. And in the event that your situation is “irretrievably compromised”, a personal recovery procedure with or without liquidation will be considered.

Loan Advice: Top 5 Tips to Save Money

Have you searched for countless money saving options without greatly reducing your quality of life? If yes, today will give you five easy-to-implement recommendations from to ensure your continued financial stability and not need fast credit online services.

Plan your cost

One of the simplest ways to achieve effective cost savings is to plan your expenses. So you will not make unpredictable and emotional ones, which are most often the main reason for looking for additional loan funds

For example, if you are planning to spend $ 1000 on a vacation, do not spend more than that. Observe the financial discipline criteria to enjoy their outlook in the future.

Create an “Unexpected Cost Fund”

One of the good ideas that you do not need a loan from friends / relatives or a quick online credit from a financial company like Cash Loan is having a fund that is not part of your life. By creating such a buffer, you will have the best chance to react in case of force majeure requiring your financial attention.

For example, if you accidentally repair your car after a crash, you will have the resources to cover it without worrying about the stability of the family budget. Remember that extraordinary circumstances are managed with unexpected funds, and it is precisely this function of your “Unexpected Cost Fund” that will provide you with peace of mind.

Fix a levle of spending

One good practice for any person or household with a balanced budget on the planet is to save a fixed percentage of their net income. Continuing with this idea, you will be able to accumulate the necessary capital to realize the plans that would make you happier.

Imagine that every month you save 10% of your net income. This will hardly change your lifestyle so radically. On the other hand, if you are not family, and your net income is $ 1,000, then in just a year you will have saved £ 1,200 without drastically changing your existence. So you can afford to go to the excursion you have dreamed of.

Shop Smart

If you’ve made savings into your fix idea, you’re always following promotional shopping deals. If you plan your necessary purchases of a domestic nature at an earlier stage, you will be able to take advantage of a number of discounts and promotions in the biggest stores in Bulgaria and you will always have everything available at a great price.

Follow the Plan to the End

If you do not plan to follow the above 4 tips strictly, it does not make sense to start. Hover, if you really want to cope with the permanent financial crisis at home, that’s the way it requires discipline.